Monday, June 5, 2017

"Quomodocunquizing Comes Quickly for the Quondam Queen" #Poetry

That quomodocunquizing woman
supported her spendthrift ways
with the finest of dirty money
and, damn, those criminals pay
She also got scads from the Banks
to brighten her busy life
as she kept hustling death
to righteously increase the strife

in a world gone made from war
there's room always for a whore
and that demon filled the need
with her relentless greed
She bowed her head before the Lord
she told him she had really scored
but said He wouldn't get a dime
and thank you for your time

I really must keep moving
to start another war

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

I decided no-one would believe I could read that and I was curious so now there's a video reading on Ithaka: "Quomodocunquizing Comes Quickly" | Reading | Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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