Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Was an Immigrant to America ... Fifty-Three Years Ago

Although I was drafted in the U.S. Army even when I was not a citizen, that is not the point of the missive but rather an unusual technicality in a world which never made all that much sense anyway.

That aspect came to the same thing as with American draftees with the question, "You want me to shoot some motherfucker I don't even know?"

That didn't just flip me but a whole lot of people so moving along, moving along.

The frosting was in taking the test for American citizenship some years later for the most ridiculous reasons:  my ol' Mother wanted company when she did it and my ol' Dad thought it was a good idea.

I thought this was such splendid chivalry to do it so I did.

It gets better since her purpose was to vote for Bill Clinton's first run and I voted for him as well.  I didn't just fall on my sword, I stabbed it into my fucking brain.

However ... taking the test for citizenship meant I had already shown more knowledge of American history and process than most Americans can show.  That aspect is known to be true but look it up if you wish since I'm moving along to the actual point.

It's all very well that I passed that test but why should I keep doing it after the task was accomplished.  I was reading a bit about the Bill of Rights since I'm considering writing a little on it and that mandates doing it accurately.

When I look around generally, I see awareness of only three Amendments, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th.  The latter only comes into play in terms of how they have marginalized it and the 1st and 2nd play back and forth like it's a round of political field hockey.  As to the others ... well ...

My nature is inquisitive anyway but there's no particular requirement for reading of this nature and still there is motivation to do it.  The Rockhouse does not have a good answer for why I continue doing that while most people do not.

The Rockhouse does believe there is a growing myopia regarding the Will of the Forefathers and it's being deliberately cultivated since that serves the modern political need which, in many cases, would likely have the Forefathers spinning in their graves.

For example, there was a specific prohibition regarding cruel and unusual punishment yet the modern world has stretched that into cruelty which could only be enhanced by Torquemada.  The barbarity of an execution which can take thirty+ minutes from chemical injection is obvious but there's more.

The Rockhouse believes there's tangible legal basis for calling death by firing squad cruel and unusual as well.

A typical firing squad has five men, one of whom fires a blank, so they walk away thinking I might not have killed him ... but I probably did.

The failing in the firing squad is they shoot the condemned man in the heart.  There's one tiny problem with that since if he ain't flat-lining then he ain't croaked.  That will come as the oxygen leaves his brain but it will be one blazing nightmare before it does.

The same case was made regarding the guillotine with observations of varying credibility regarding some type of response from the heads severed by that awful procedure.

If you want the honest kill shot which is as painless as possible, the firing squad needs to shoot him in the head.  However, that strips the last vestige of antiseptic execution since four high-powered rifle rounds hitting him in the head may well blow it off.  Even if they do not, they will still make one awful mess out of it.

The Rockhouse believes the case is valid and could be taken to Court.  Possibly that has already happened and the Rockhouse is not aware of it but that's the pitch and there's not one iota of support for the death penalty but if you will do it then perhaps at least try to honor the Will of the Forefathers.

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