Sunday, June 4, 2017

#MarchForTruth Was Only Marching for Exercise #Forefathers

The Will of the Forefathers was there will be no impeachment without the permission of the Senate which any child with a calculator knows will never come.

The Rockhouse once thought it amusing to consider the chaos which would come from Trump's placement and the accuracy was there regarding the chaos but not about who would bring it.  This liberal knows the American history and foundation whereas the unwashed and uneducated dolts in the stream of marches since Trump's Inauguration seem to have little or no awareness of the country they claim they defend.

Michael Moore is the Rockhouse's favorite Beach Blanket Bingo Bunny since once he was a respected male activist but now he's just a strident fat woman in a circus and he wears a pussy hat he doesn't understand either.

The Rockhouse is far, far more beaten down by fake liberals than Republicans who are doing that which Republicans always do.  You like that or you don't but the response isn't to act like them unless you're one of them.  Neoliberals have disgraced the word liberal far more than the denigrating epithets of Republicans could ever do.

The Rockhouse calls it a wash for which team (i.e. real Republicans or real Democrats) knows the history best since Cadillac Man and Kannafoot are likely equally well-versed.

Anderson Cooper is our current Favorite Establishment Lackey since he has blood all over his hands for supporting that which was done to the Middle East and Libya by Obama / Clinton yet he was decrying the blood on Trump's face in the picture with Kathy Griffin.  The sellout by Cooper surprised Griffin but it shouldn't have when she has supported Clinton too.

The point of that is not to defend the image except in the context of art since it was powerful and had an impact.  It probably won't have any long-term survival but it was still a valid statement and the same people who got smoking over it were probably wrenched by "Piss Christ" in the same way ... by the same people who were advised against making icons.

As a political statement, the reaction to Griffin's picture was inevitable since we knew already neoliberals are spineless and obviously Republicans were going to hate it.  When Kathy Griffin shows surprise at that reaction it reveals to the Rockhouse she didn't think it through too far.

Consider media since there are Republican channels which are blatantly supportive of Trump and Hollywood Republicans (i.e. neoliberal) supporting Clinton and Obama but there isn't any airwave extant which broadcasts a liberal agenda.  Maybe some will throw up Cenk Uygur but he should have stuck to killing Armenians in Turkey since he's largely useless for any liberal cause as well.

Some respect the Will of the Forefathers and others slash that will into legalistic confetti and pass that off as modern law.  The Will of the Forefathers gave America pride but that legalistic confetti never has.

People often talk in the modern context about modifying the Constitution but that doesn't make much sense when most aren't much clear on what's in it and they're particularly unclear about the Bill of Rights or that it's not the full list of Amendments.

In fact, perhaps the Rockhouse will take that as (cough) a go-forward initiative because that kind of cheesy talk gets me so sexed-up but the content will not be frivolous.

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