Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hiding in Plain Sight: New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered #Science

For hundreds of years, a species of flying squirrel was hiding right under (actually, above) our noses.

A new study published May 30 in the Journal of Mammalogy describes a newly discovered third species of flying squirrel in North America—now known as Humboldt's flying squirrel, or Glaucomys oregonensis. It inhabits the Pacific Coast region of North America, from southern British Columbia to the mountains of southern California. Until now, these coastal populations were simply thought to be the already-known northern flying squirrel.  Hiding in plain sight: New species of flying squirrel discovered

Holy mackerel, this is already Too Twee for Turnip Town since any photographer knows nothing hides in plain sight but rather people fail to look.  Someone may exclaim, "I can't believe you noticed that," but likely the photographer will think, "Well, I can't believe you didn't."

The interested student is invited to pursue the original paper for some additional information regarding genetic diversity and differentiation but it's the hiding in plain sight aspect the Rockhouse likes.

There's no need to insult anyone with a litany of examples of solutions hiding in plain sight but there are many and it's a bit tiresome when there's a surprised journalistic Eureka moment on coming to awareness about this or that when something has been right there all along.

Likely there's no offense discovered in the obvious way Hillary Clinton became a Vestal Virgin in the last election for the most outstanding example of flying squirrel election engineering one might ever see yet there was nary a word of that in various outlets which otherwise espouse liberalism.

That was the No. 1 reason the Rockhouse kept my brass rag and walked since it was no surprise to see Fox, et al, stumping for Trump since it's what they do and their position is consistent even while the style is abusive (i.e. William F. Buckley could have decimated the lot of them without even interrupting his reading).

However, the Vestal Virgin pitch just had me wretching my guts up.  The End for MSM.

The Rockhouse view of MSM is much the same as that of Humboldt's flying squirrel regarding owls.  I'll keep an eye on what those sorry sodding bastard owls are doing but otherwise I will stay the hell away from them.  That's worked for the squirrel for centuries and she knew it all along.

Ed:  what about he?

Since the species survives, the Rockhouse concludes either he figured it out too or she told him.  I'm aware that sets you up for the punchline but Silas ain't the straight man this morning so this is a wrap.

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