Thursday, June 8, 2017

Singing in the Subway | Amy Belle | Then and Now

Do get the background perspective since Amy Stewart sang a song with Rod Stewart in-concert and got huge attention but she has not been able to get her own track really happening and so she goes out busking.

Amy Belle in the subway (2011)

And in Basel (2004)

This is not a tale of falling in with drug demons but rather it's a story of trying to crack the shell to break out into the big league.

It doesn't appear she got lost in cover songs so the mystery is yours to discover as to why she didn't break out bigger than she has although do consider she does exactly what she wants since who needs a solid-gold limousine anyway.


Anonymous said...

ML here. Speaking of Then and Now....a 5 minute film spanning 50 years. Must see!

And would not be complete without Mick.

Others are out there Robert Plant, Davie Bowie. It would be fun if we had one of ourselves!!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thank you as they were twisted and so exceptional to see. So few have such endurance. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

The Trump one was just obscene.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Not sure how we got to Trump but I'm guessing Kathy Griffin.

Sure, that was obscene but so was "Piss Christ" and they're still art. As always, whether it's good art or bad art is left to the beholder. The same applies to the portrayal of Trump has Caesar so the actors can whack him in a play. That wasn't so much judged obscene as offensive or whatever and the corporate powers-that-be decided to crush it.

It's within their power to do that and art has historically depended on royal patrons so pissing them off was a massively bad idea. The Rockhouse fix on this is the sponsors are good at making money. Some of them get off on supporting art but, in the Rockhouse view, that means you allow the artist to do what the artist does best since that's why you wanted this person in the first place. The money maker mustn't interfere once that process is in motion or the result stops being art and just makes Hallmark cards.