Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Globes Expanding in Dimensions Up and Down" #Poetry

The songs won't always be pretty
when life will rarely throw us jewels
but when fear takes domination
it only makes us cruel
it only makes us fester
and then it makes us weak
the world's too bleak
it's a tweaky, sneaky, squeak
in an ever-blowing wind

Of course we want the light
to revel in its glory
but that runs up and through
quite another story
which blows also on the wind
and there's nothing to rescind
but we look into infinity
for the mystery far beyond

There's music in every sphere
as they get larger and get small
tiny beyond any sane belief
or so large beyond our thrall
but those things we seek
we cannot see
we cannot know
we cannot feel
but they burst through cosmic ripples
in an even larger globe

Beyond the edge of the visible
is no Universe we hear
since they don't really know
what else may be out there
and so the globes expanding
in dimensions up and down
and time within it flexes
as if a sorely demented clown

It's a universal Matryoshka
there are wheels within the wheels
that's the way of stardust
but somehow in that we feel
when the dolls fit inside each other
all in comfort without complaint
we wonder how that can ever work
while we live within its glow

The darkness contains everything
when it absorbs all but the light
and it's not a fact of ownership
or any claim to wealth
but it's the depth of the mystery
in frequencies without limit
there's light inside the darkness
through dimensions quite exquisite

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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