Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 5/16


It's All - W.C. Fields was a notorious drunkie and an atheist.  When caught peeking at Bible one time, he said, "I'm looking for loopholes, looking for loopholes."

You Also - ways to identify neoliberals

The Heretical - MSM's golden dream about impeaching Donald Trump for talking to Sergey Laprov

The Sex Club - where else but an abandoned church ... but ordination by the Universal Life Church may make this untouchable by cops

Making Science - explaining science in terms of neoliberals will understand ... it's about carnivorous plants ... article shows some interesting genetics for how they got that way

The Great - Tim Allen based "Last Man Standing" on the premise of a female-dominated world and he can't understand why it tanked and was canceled

Confirmation - the Silas is in fact a legal Minister and I'm here to share the word of the one who rules us all, the Great God Mescalito (yes, it's legal thanks to ULC) - article contains proof it's real

Remember Gonzo - she only had a ten or twenty to go to make the cut for the Greatest Hits and the Rockhouse has great confidence in her ability to journalistically parlay Lesbian orgies into the big time

The Clintons - the snake tries to crawl back out of the grass after probing in various ways but now she smells money in a new PAC and you can't keep her away from that

Squirrels - when you have squirrels and a sex club in the same headline, you know this isn't just the same ol' Kardashian selfie story

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