Monday, May 15, 2017

The Sex Club in the Church in ... Tennessee

The Social Club – which has a permit to operate as a church – were exposed by two undercover city inspectors who infiltrated the swingers club on March 25 and “observed patrons openly engaging in sexual conduct and intercourse,” according to the complaint filed on May 11 by Nashville officials.

(New York Post:  Sex club posed as a church to evade the cops: officials)

The picture couldn't be from the Tennessee sex club church since black lingerie is illegal in the South.

Ed:  maybe the congregation just likes a lot of fucking and, wtf, God invented it, right?

Well ...

Christine Gibson and Bill Earles paid $40 to gain access into the club’s secret sex chamber, and once inside, made their way through 12 rooms with either a bed or a lounge chair where couples and groups were having sex while others watched, court documents read.

In one instance, a couple, who went by ‘Val’ and ‘Steve’ asked the inspectors to photograph them as Val gave Steve oral pleasure inside the “Choir Room,” according to the surveillance activity report.


The church may have an angle on this since the state can't say whether that money is for a membership or tithing.

Ed:  you're on the side of the sex club church?

Yep.  So long as they're not hurting any kids, fuck the state.

The city lambasted the club – owned by the Freedom 4 All, Inc. – saying it should be shut down for “permitting acts of lewd conduct” because it’s a “public nuisance” and because it violates state law which prohibits operation of a club within 1,000 feet of a school.


Comrades, I don't think the state has a case.  Whatever they were doing in the sex club church wasn't lewd and lascivious to them and whatever they did would only get that way if they took it out in public.  However, that's not what happened but rather those crack investigators went into the church and said oh, fuck, you're offending me.

The solution is relatively easy:  get the fuck out if you're offended.

The Silas has been ordained and it took an agonizing five or ten minutes of my life but it's legal.  The state can't say and has no right to say who is a legitimate preacher or they will have just thrown the Constitutional mandate for the separation of church and state into the toilet.  (Universal Life Church: Become an Ordained Minister)

Just call me Pastor, mates.

So long as someone in the sex club church is holding that paper, they may have a legal basis for going Larry Flynt on whatever provincial pigdogs are pulling this stunt.

Here's what happens when you get ordained at Universal Life Church (i.e. here's what you get):

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My only regret is that I was not available to perform the recent wedding in Tennessee as that must have been such a heartbreaker for those who did attend.

And now, Pastor Silas will lead us in this spiritual celebration of the bonds of holy matrimony.

It was better to defer since previously I had only performed marriages which were illegal anywhere else.  Cowboy, if'n you want to marry your horse then you bring that filly to the Ministry of the Internet where we will get you married right.

I did take it seriously and always asked the horse if she was doing this under her own volition.

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