Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Great Conservative Face Plant by Tim Allen

Tim Allen was hilarious in his Tool Time show ... but he was also stupid since he failed to observe what happened to Dennis Miller.  Miller was funny at one time and then he went to Fox News where he turned into just another right wing lapdog for easy money.

Apparently Allen was starring in a show called "Last Man Standing" and it featured the way a man tries to exist within a female-dominated world.  Not surprisingly, the show got whacked and conservatives are going with full Clinton victimization; it's not fair, you're just picking on us.

Either that or it just wasn't fucking funny.

When I hear this shit about a female-dominated society, I look at who is saying it to see the source of this sniveling, mosquito balls, Harry Styles bullshit.  Oh, oh, aren't you the Manly Man.

Answer:  in yer fuckin' dreams.

I see the way The Guardian throws journalistic landfills of pseudo-feministic bullshit but that type of simple, cloying crap will take care of itself.  As you may notice, the articles in The Guardian with any depth are hardly ever written by the man-bashing bullshitters who write the women's columns.

Female-dominated society?  They can't even get an equal wage!

How about the protest against the pig-dominated society?

How about a protest against the oligarchy?

How about acting like a man instead of being a sniveling pussy who blames your troubles on women.

Fuck Tim Allen in his ear.  He was funny ... once.

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