Monday, May 15, 2017

It's All in the Cards, My Little Chickadee

W.C. Fields plays cards on a riverboat in Mississippi but things don't go so well.

I believe the line about 'my little chickadee' came from "The Bank Dick" but I have not watched the movie.

Ed:  the Mississippi River doesn't go to Mississippi!

Mississippi means 'Great Water' in the Ojibwa language so the state was named after great water which isn't even there.  Welcome to the Voodoo States.

Ed:  is voodoo code for black?

Nope.  Voodoo is straight-up for wild lunatic crazy.  Did you ever see the movie, "Angel Heart?"  I have it but I'm afraid to watch it.  Lots of voodoo and lots of really vicious-looking knives.

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