Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Clintons Are the Disease and Have Been All Along

Those goddamn neoliberals can ignore facts and reality all they like but those poltroons will not do it here because we will rub their cowardly faces in it repeatedly and, if necessary, Ithaka will become solely a defense of freedom against Wall Street's Terrorists, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the ones who destroyed the American banking system.  No-one ever represented for Wall Street more aggressively than those savage, heathen bastards.

Ed:  Rachel Maddow loves Clinton

So what?  There's a reason for increased probability of truth from Lesbians?   What kind of sexist anti-feminist rubbish comes up with that kind of bullshit.  Rachel Maddow will say the Pope eats at Wendy's on Fridays if the price is right.  Where's the goddamn logic in these people?

Ed:  obviously absent.  Why fuck with them?

Better to send them to Mexico as Obama so loved to do.

Ed:  it's pointless to accuse them since they only ignore that.  Obama deported at least as many Mexicans as Donald Trump (so far) but those guttersnipe neoliberals ignore that in their unholy reverence for two of the worst people of the modern time.  Donald Trump is just an amateur but the Clintons are professionals and those destroyers have been working up the act for thirty years.  As you saw, the controls on the American banking system were savaged by Bill Clinton.

For cold-blooded malice, Donald Trump can't even touch the evil of the Clintons.

Ed:  I thought Obama was the worst of the modern time?

He was only one part of a Triumvirate of Death which has killed more people than in Dick Cheney's most savage nightmare.  Cheney was a dime store amateur next to those three.

Ed:  what about George Bush?

He just played dumb so Dick Cheney would get blamed.  He was a coward down to his toenails since he didn't even have the gumption to face the slaughter he had wreaked or that it was all done on false pretenses just as has everything else in the Middle East since that time.



Sure, that's known.  What should I do?  Do nothing and wait for the Undead Neoliberals to come to eat my brain?

Ed:  you exaggerate!  They won't eat your brain!

OK, genius, tell me where their brains went.

Note:  if your answer is MSNBC then get the fuck out.

Ed:  is that where Maddow went?

I think so and most facts are worthy of time for validation but that's not.  Wherever she goes she makes millions.  It's all in having the right schtick.  In a different time, she would have been doing bad comedy in a second-rate version of the Funny Bone.  Recognize opportunism ... and stomp on its face.

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