Sunday, May 14, 2017

No Hot Babes Here ... But We Think About Them a Lot

This has been a heady day of analysis of the Rockhouse Raunch Spectrum since we have Nicola Crosley heading for Ithaka's Greatest Hits with Killing Kittens and Lesbian orgies but we also have the Raunchy Jenny Scordamaglia and that raunch tanked although she really isn't raunchy at all.

Ithaka:  You Want the Raunch? Miami Babe Jenny Scordamaglia Shakes It

The Raunchy Jenny Scordamaglia doesn't do anything raunchy; she just doesn't have any particular use for clothes.  The message we get from her is that Kim Kardashian is just a boring middle-aged hausfrau who ought to sit her fat ass down before she hurts someone with it.

However, Nicola Crosley is raunch from head to foot but she's the big hit.  (Ithaka:  Remember Gonzo Journalism? Nicola Crosley Does Something Else with My First Orgy)

Lads, I submit you're an unusual lot.

Ed:  what's so raunchy about a few Lesbian orgies?  We like them!

Well, the Rockhouse really doesn't care if she orgies with fur seals so long as the seals are not harmed by it and perhaps we're being prudish but that behavior has typically qualified as raunchy.  Banging one person or fur seal at a time is usually perceived as recreation but banging all of them at the same time is generally regarded as raunchy.

Ed:  so Old School

No Lesbian orgy for me then, I guess (sob).

Ed:  sex is not a recreation but a holy ritual before God!

Go back to Utah, Mitt.  And, um, WTF are you doing reading this filth, Holy Man?

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