Sunday, May 14, 2017

Since It's Sunday, Let's Go After the Unleavened Bread

First of all, wtf is unleavened bread since how should I know.  My only experience with religion is from a couple of tours of churches, some weddings, and dancing around naked in the woods under the pale moonlight.

OCD kicked into it and I had to know.  (WIKI:  Unleavened bread)

OK, so now we know.  There's no yeast in unleavened bread so that explains why it's so important in Jewish and Catholic faith.

Watson:  I know it's silly of me but, erm, that did not explain it.  WTF does yeast have to do with anything except making the bread rise?

Unknown.  We just know communion wafers must be made from unleavened bread.

Watson:  that just means you could substitute tortilla chips for communion wafers and no harm, no foul!

Maybe Jesus couldn't handle the hot sauce because it gave him indigestion.  Unknown.

Watson:  he's a Deity!  How can he get indigestion?

Don't play George Carlin with me, mate.

George:  Faddah, is it possible to make food so shitty even Jesus couldn't eat it?

Unleavened bread is also vital for Passover and we already used the taco material with Jesus so what now.  They want the unleavened bread for their Passover feasting and suggesting they go to Taco Bell is just going to piss them off.

Ed:  what's Passover?

Who knows.  Unless it's Christmas or kids collecting Easter eggs, how would I ever see it, mate?

Ed:  you don't go to church?

Brother, I never went to church (larfs).

Hold it, hold it ... I did go to a church sermon with a girlfriend in high school once.

Note:  never, ever go to church with a girlfriend in high school.  She's reeling you in, mate.  Run for it.

Ed:  was this the Rockhouse sermon on unleavened bread?

Well, it was as close as it's ever going to get.  All I know is Cthulhu doesn't care if we use yeast.

Ed:  that's because Cthulhu hates you!

Yah but it's ok since he hates everyone.

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