Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Isdal Woman Gives You a Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Calm the heavy breathing, lads, since she's croaked and has been for fifty years.  The thing bugging the gendarmes is they can't figure out how it happened or who she really is although they have all these clues taunting them.  Go forth, Sherlock Holmes, and solve the mystery.  Do not even think of saying the butler did it or we start shooting.  (BBC:  Isdal Woman: The mystery death haunting Norway for 46 years)

Now you can screw around with jerk off crossword puzzles or get cracking on a real one.

Note:  given the author of today's puzzle, the Rockhouse considers 'jerk off' an apt allusion.

It's a mystery that has intrigued Norway for nearly 50 years.

In November 1970, the badly burnt body of a woman was found in a remote spot in Norway's Isdalen valley.

Someone had cut the labels off her clothes, and scraped distinctive marks off her belongings - as if to stop her from being identified.

And as police started investigating her death, they uncovered a trail of coded messages, disguises, and fake identities - but never cracked the case.

Forty-six years later, Norwegian police and NRK journalists have decided to reopen the investigation.

This is the story of the Isdal Woman - and the perplexing trail of clues she left behind.

WARNING: This article contains one graphic image


Note:  the image is mildly graphic and definitely ugly but is not nightmare material and I react strongly to such things but there was no particular reaction to this beyond, well, that sucks.

There's all you need for the twisted detective story and there are spy elements mixed into this as well.

Tallyho, Sherlock.

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