Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Easiest Pot Pipe Ever | That's the Joke

EZ Does It and for only $9.99 but you must act now.

Do it today plus for only $9.99 more we will send you, get this, a black light of your own plus half a dozen black light posters.  (The site is irritating as hell to navigate.  Someone should have left the stonin' until after the codin')

However ...

If'n you're wanting the easily-portable pot pipe, this is as cheap as it gets and as easy as it gets ... but it's still too complicated for most hipsters, apparently.

Six bucks at any head shop anywhere

That grinder looks like it's dirty but it's not.  All of that is from resin.  Pounds of the ganja have been sent to Jesus with that grinder over the last eight or nine years.

Notice, of course, Pepsi the Breakfast of Champions in the rear.

Ed:  do you seriously think you shock anyone with this?

Nooooo, since I'm well aware all or most of you were blowin' the ganja by at least forty years ago.  Maybe some of you stopped but you know the song.

The point is just as it's stated in wtf is the deal with that EZ Does It pipe.

Few of you dealt with grinders, tho, since we didn't get so much bud with 60s/70s reefer whereas now you get nothing but bud.  Therefore you need to grind it but you still won't get joint-ready ganja because it's too coarse.  That's ok for some demoniac types since they roll huge spliffs, often with tobacco mixed which they say augments the buzz but I didn't notice that.

Something you may not remember is El Cheapo up there burns hotter than Hell's anus after a flaming dish of Texas chili and beans.  The heat is the worst for the lungs since that kills the cilia which are the little whiskers in your lungs which move gunk out of them.

A bong which you're never allowed to call a bong in a head shop or they won' sell it, is also dangerous.  It does cool the smoke but stale smoke will hurt.  It needs to be cleared before each tok and that can be difficult.

It may come that the answer is rolling spliffs and I need an answer immediately since failing to find one means stop the ganja and there are all kinds of reasons that's not acceptable.

The reason spliffs may work is they can be smoked like a cigarette and that's immediately cooler than toking hot from the range.  The Marlboros became Winston Lights and that dropped the nicotine way down so that's good for reducing wiredness but they aren't any better for the lungs.

It may come that rolling them to combine them mitigates both by making the ganja easier to take while reducing the quantity of tobacco overall.

In fact, that needs an experiment.  I have some 100mm Zig Zags and the package is mostly black to let you know, whoa, these ones are dangerous.  I rarely use them since that's a lot more reefer than I need to be blowin' at any particular moment.  However, that could work out in combination with tobacco because the tobacco will help keep it lit and will likely change the style.

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