Saturday, May 13, 2017

You Want the Raunch? Miami Babe Jenny Scordamaglia Shakes It

The Sun:  JENNY FROM THE SHOWER BLOCK Raunchy TV presenter Jenny Scordamaglia strips off on-screen AGAIN as she files report from the shower

Those li'l filth antennae are vibrating like a hurricane is coming, aren't they.

RAUNCHY TV presenter Jenny Scordamaglia stripped off on screen AGAIN – just weeks after full-fronting a new cookery show.

- Sun

Apparently her name is no longer sufficient and now she's the Raunchy Jenny Scordamaglia.

Welcome to our cooking show and what say we fry some bacon, ok?  That has got to be funny to watch.


Ouch ouch ouch

It's all this fucking hot oil.  It's spitting!

Fucking ouch!

What kind of sorry sodding bastard thought this was such good idea?


My favorite part is the nectar nipples ... or something.  Oh, God, save us from the nipple.  Censor them.  Censor everything!

Ed:   that was just clickbait.  Booo!

How about now with Miami TV?  This girl just don't like clothes.

Ed:  yeah, well, ok.  That was better.  She's funny so she's got to be smart and she is quite the comely lass, at least as much as I can see of her.

Holy shit!  You're still not satisfied??  There are kids around!

Ed:  no, they are not any kids around and, besides, who anywhere on this planet is less afraid of nipples than children?

Well, then ... "Don't Fear the Nipple" (legendary song by Blue Öyster Cult)

Elia Adams on the left and Jenny Scordamaglia on the right

Welcome to Nude TV and have fun explaining this to your ol' mother.

"Don't Fear the Nipple"

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