Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You've Got to Believe

Relax as this has nothing to do with religion or at least not much.

The defensive perimeter is up around Yevette as she goes into her process next week.  I don't want to go too much into the detail of that since that has nothing to do with any help for anyone else who may be facing the same thing.  The detail of it also runs the risk of making me look nice and I won't have any of that.

Many times on Ithaka, Donald Sutherland will step in to say, "Too many negative waves, Moriarty."

Of course we all know or, more accurately, all men know that line comes from "Kelly's Heroes" since likely the only movie men have watched more is "Debby Does Dallas" and I'm ever so proud to report the most dirty ass IT manager I ever knew showed that in a staff meeting at the computing center for the university.  I don't remember much about it beyond the title.  Lotta blowjobs, I guess.

Note:  that IT manager later finished law school and went to Florida to practice.  Anyone that much of an asshole might be a good lawyer.  Unknown.  As to being an asshole, I know one of the men in that meeting was gay and

I'll stick with Donald Sutherland as negative waves are not permitted and, if you want to be an asshole to her, you will have to wait a few months or expect formidable resistance.  Regrettably, I can't filter everything since damnable telephones purvey evil messages with great glee or at least indifference.

There's only one mission in the Rockhouse and you've got to believe.  There's nothing to indicate the cancer is terminal and it's not been found to be metastasizing.  It's legitimate to believe since we threw out fantasy lands years ago ... well ... except when they're amusing.

Both of us talked with Mystery Lady earlier and she has the most medical qualifications of all the regulars.  She agreed with the estimation of the situation here and that immediately escalated to ML come on down here.  It's safe.

I never did get the telephone back and that's not to chastise Yevette since she brought high optimism that maybe the situation has tipped a little and it's actually possible to do it.

ML:  the smoking on the first floor would probably be offensive and possibly destructive to you but the second floor has not been used since the Texas Tallboy moved away except for one twisted act who was crazy as a loon but didn't stay long.  It's possible there's never been smoking up there and that's where there's the great light, space for studio work, etc.

ML was concerned I might be negative when she said she is praying for Yevette but that's not at all how it went and I'm really not an atheist.  I'm not a Christian but I'm not pushing any religion nor do I want to burn any churches although it would be nice if some behaved a little (i.e. a lot) better.

It's taken some years but there has been some evolution and the regret always with anything of that nature is that the evolution did not come sooner.

So many negative waves have come down this way and to other of the regulars that no-one down here wants to be the source of more of them.  Ithaka will vary from pandas to ultimate negativity about this or that but Ithaka is a creation rather than a mirror of my life.  Everything in it is true but there's a great deal of personal content which is omitted.

There's no way to avoid personal content with the current situation but my thinking on publishing this is anyone facing cancer may derive some benefit from seeing how we go after getting through it.  There are several of the regulars who have survived cancer.  Skin cancer doesn't usually kill you but I've had my share of malignancies and quite a few over the last year but that was chickenfeed next to Tinkerbell who took the full medical onslaught in getting through breast cancer but she survives and it's fifteen to twenty years later.

It's real; it's right now; the answer is the same:  you've got to believe.  Yevette will survive this.  They're going to make her sick as a rat while she goes through it but I believe the star and her defenders are ready for it.  I didn't realize they did chemo and radiation at the same time and she will lose her hair ... but she will retain her life.  Hair grows back and Tinkerbell showed us that.

Note:  she never wore a wig.  Her thinking was if you can't handle it then fuck off and high five to her for that.  Tinkerbell lives and so will Yevette although the cancers are not the same.  I will confer with Yevette as to whether it's ok to reveal the type of cancer and the specific reason is as a PSA.  I'm going to fucking live through this and so will you.  Let's do it.


Kannafoot said...

I'm not sure what type of cancer Yevette is facing, but my thoughts and prayers are with her as she faces it. You know my family history and what my mom experienced, so you know where that's originating.

The ill effects of chemo are improving all the time, though. There's a steroid cocktail that they provide now starting the day before chemo, and that does wonders in preventing most of the ill effects. (My mom was only sick for about a day after her 3rd and 4th sessions, but no sickness for the first two.)

One thing to be aware of, however, is the effect on blood sugar. I don't know if Yvette is diabetic, however if she is, then watch her blood sugar carefully after taking the steroid. It drives it through the roof.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Deep appreciation for the understanding and the advice. I haven't forgotten your history with your mother and that advice couldn't possibly be more personal. Fortunately, Yevette is not diabetic but that's most helpful knowing the nausea may not be so bad.

I get a chance to show a bit of nobility which works for me since no-one except her will ever see it. After a run to the market, I believe the team will be ready and it's improv as she needs after that.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I deleted a couple of comments on request but please put any advisory about post / no post at the start of a comment so I know if it's FYI or go ahead and publish. It doesn't need anything for go ahead and publish but please do mark a comment FYI at the top and I'll understand right away that it shouldn't go online.