Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Piqued Political Palaver from the Pink

Pink has no way to publish this so he sent it to me and, yep, the world needs to see this neoliberal.

I've been a liberal since the first time my eyes opened and that's never changed nor wobbled.  This new age of neoliberals is substandard rubbish which climbed a gum tree years ago and has no idea how to get back down.

How about arresting people who entertain the idea of nuclear holocaust, honey.  How about a little snuggle snuggle with your porky partner in political crime, Clinton.

And how did you get that stain on your shirt?  Have you been hanging around with Bill again, the same man who sold out himself and the Democratic Party at the same time.

There will never be a defense of neoliberals from the Rockhouse but, shrug, they're doomed anyway. They murdered Bernie and now they just fester.

Just as Paul Ryan lives for arithmancy, so does this idiot from Vermont, Mary Ann Carlson.  The vast majority of gun owners never commit a crime and I'm not defending gunners but I'm not defending bullshit charges either.

Liberals give truth or give nothing at all and neoliberals waste everyone's time.

Note:  I notice Apple's dictionary doesn't know the definition of arithmancy and it comes from Greek meaning 'divination by numbers.'  Making up the numbers makes it come true and welcome to the wonderful world of political numerology without which Washington would collapse tomorrow.

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