Wednesday, March 22, 2017

You Will Take Ithaka Over 800,000 Tonight - Updated

Ithaka is so close to 800,000 reads that it would likely reach that number just flying on autopilot and I don't have to do anything.  Due to a raging case of OCD or some such, doing nothing will not happen.

You will probably do it in the next few minutes, actually.  I started the article earlier in the evening and you're already almost there.

It's an impressive number of reads and not one I expected to see but it's cool to see it and it amplifies a sense of responsibility to make it better.  It seems obvious we have spent quite a bit of time together but I still only know who about half a dozen of you are.  There's no serious effort to determine who you are but I sometimes try to deduce generally who comes based on the Google stats but that never goes anywhere and that's fine.

Based on the general pace Ithaka takes, it should pop over a million reads in seven or eight months.  I know that's an arbitrary measure and means nothing whatever but it's still kind of cool that it happens.

The Rockhouse has special prizes for the millionth reader, among them my book, "The Joy of Being Anthophilous," and ...

Ed:  I thought you had not written it yet?

Well, that's not entirely incorrect.

Ed:  this is not a Senate testimony.  Did you write the fucking book or didn't you?

No, I have not written the book ... but I thought about it.

Ed:  so you lied?

Well, I didn't lie yet since I have seven or eight months to write it and if I write a book the way that yokel, Monica Crowley, on Trump's Cabinet did it, I could crank it out in seven or eight minutes.

Ed:  plagiarize it?

Roger that

Ed:  Crowley has a PhD!

Her PhD thesis has been reviewed and she stole that too.  She's just another Fox News blondie bimbo screaming outrage at being caught in her crime.  There are some shitty things in my life and I don't deny them but the Silas don't steal.

Ed:  you still every damn article in Ithaka!

Incorrecto, Bountiful Bubblebutt, as I attribute every damn thing I source from anywhere else even if doesn't even matter where I got it.  We ain't rich down here in the Rockhouse so that means, you know, we have fuckin' standards.

Ed:  you sound pissed off!

Everything on the Internet sounds pissed off.  Ithaka is one of the few places which isn't.

I'm kind of tickled at 800,000 hits and thanks for the interest.  I'll try to keep coming up with reasons to keep coming back.


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