Sunday, March 19, 2017

You Were Right: America's Defense System Can Be Taken Down with a Basketball Game

The Defense Department sent a notice to its workforce on Wednesday telling employees not to stream March Madness games on Pentagon computers, warning the department’s network could be overwhelmed.  (CBS:  Pentagon warns employees: Don't stream March Madness games at work)

Priceless and it's apparently confirmed authentic.

A Pentagon official confirmed the authenticity of the email.


There's your anonymous source which means nothing whatsoever.

Note:  this might be hogwash from top to bottom since CBS hasn't been immune to propagating fake news.

Acknowledging the inevitability of workers tuning into the tournament at work, the JSP said “engineers will closely monitor bandwidth consumption and server availability to handle additional network strain as best as they can.” 

But the office reminded employees “that we share a single network and visiting non-mission essential websites degrades network performance for everyone.”


It probably really lags the porno and you know the generals hate that.

The Pentagon is spending a billion per on submarines but is too cheap to get decent service providers for their networks so it winds up that Amazon can handle a crush better than they.

Ed:  well, Amazon has planners, see?

For your viewing pleasure today, we have an audio experiment which reveals the difference in the message from the Pentagon when delivered by Fox News, America's state news network, and when it's delivered in an anechoic chamber (i.e. reality).

Amazing what happens when you take the uniforms off those goombahs.

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