Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donald Trump Fails in Attempt to Blackmail Germany over NATO

There's almost nothing Donald Trump has said about NATO and Germany which is true and the biggest one right off the top is that Germany owes America anything for participation.  In fact, NATO is a treaty organization and every nation contributes whatever it thinks is appropriate.  That makes it the largest socialized military organization in the world but that doesn't seem to bother Trump much.

Trump also doesn't understand it much or he wouldn't be whining about debt.

As anyone but Trump has seen, Obama was escalating military provocation of Russia continuously and placed military hardware and personnel all around Russia's borders.  That must have cost a large-size fortune but the Pentagon has never concerned itself about such trifling details and now Trump wants someone to reimburse it other than the idiots who came up with the idea in the first place.

In Mafia world, we call that blackmail.  (RT:  German military says ‘no debt account at NATO’ after Trump’s ‘vast sums’ comment)

There was one inevitable consequence of all this criminality and incompetence ... Hillary Clinton said she's coming back.  Hillary Clinton, Curse of the Democratic Party, threatens to return.  She must smell money since nothing else ever motivated her.  (RT:  Clinton comeback? Hillary declares she’s ‘ready to come out of the woods’ (VIDEO))

I'm sure you remember Hillary Clinton.  She came; she preached; she lied.

The Democratic Party will be lucky if it was not set back a hundred years by what the Clintons did to it from the slaughter of banking controls to being, along with Obama and Biden, the most vicious and unrepentant, willfully warmongering hellhounds the party has ever seen.

Trump is a disaster but Hillary Clinton is death to the world.  You saw what she said after killing Qaddafi.  That kind of psychopathy usually ends up on Death Row.

Ed:  she probably thinks she has a chance to sleaze Chelsea Clinton in as a Representative in the by-election between the Presidential performances.

That's almost certainly the plan after they folded their phony charity.  Washington is the only other gravy train that family knows now.

There is zero vacillation at the Rockhouse, regardless of Trump's manifold blunders, as I did not vote for Hillary Clinton then and there's no chance I would vote for her now.

Hillary Clinton is and remains the embodiment of Willful Radioactive Death.  Trump is a disaster but Clinton is suicide.

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