Sunday, March 19, 2017

When Whacking a Pawn Exposes the Queen

It's all very well for Rex Tillerson to threaten to whack the pawn in Worst Korea but doing so exposes the Queen in China and then she can kill your whole army.  Black wins.  Checkmate.

Note:  America doesn't have the troop strength to be more than a joke in a ground game against the Chinese and the King over there is still Russia which is going to be massively pissed that this happens at all on their continent.

It's checkmate, alright, and faster than you can say, "Get that fat ass lout back into his cage in Washington."

The Rockhouse is fed-up to the last hair follicle with America's kneejerk foreign policy since most of it is Hollywood and has only the purpose of generating more tax drain for America's offense industry.

Note:  it hasn't been used defensively since WWII.

Instead of a warrior, we get Tillerson, another fat ass in a suit who thinks more of his hairstyle than he does of the future of the world.  We're crawling with second-string egomaniacs with little or nothing to offer toward solving real world problems.

These vain posers are just more insults from a state which doesn't give a fuck about anything more than where the bread is buttered.

There was little reaction to the original article so presumably that means Americans are also terrified of the way Worst Korea has developed such skill at dropping missiles into the ocean.  Just as we have concluded previously, it's not hard to scare Americans.  (Ithaka:  China Accuses Rex Tillerson of Irresponsible Buffoonery in North Korea)

Ed:  just say the word 'draft' and they will run for Canada faster than you can say, "Free Molsons!"

- insert lengthy editorial about how a mandatory draft is the single best way to stop all these chickenshit pseudo-wars and the Rockhouse heartily endorses such a draft -

Congress knew exactly what it was doing in creating a 'professional army' since they won't bitch or at least not much about whatever Congress sends them to do.  In the modern context, it's usually the President doing whatever he wants and fuck Congress.  In either case, the troops don't bitch since whacking bad guys is what they signed up to do and it's just a bitch Congress thinks everyone who wasn't born in Oklahoma is a terrorist.

You bet the draft will stop that since the People won't put up with it if they have to do it too.  If you put Liberal Mama's boy into a body bag, she's going to march.  She did it before and she will do it again.  Check the books since she kicked your ass the last time and, hence, we have the professional army now.

Right now civilians don't say much of anything about the constant combat because few of them have any skin in it.  That move by Congress toward a professional army was one of the few perceptive things Congress ever did but it didn't serve us in any positive way.

My message is not that I was drafted so fuck you and suck it up; do it too.  That is NOT my position since I want everyone drafted but I also want the option for non-military service.  You WILL serve America for those two years or whatever but that doesn't mandatorily mean killing anyone.  I'll make that deal in a New York millisecond.

There's no game in chess if the board is not level so fuckin' level it.

Even if nothing else, a mandatory draft will teach the little fuckers some discipline and you can see from the Twitter Troll Factory there's precious little of that.  Hang a draft over those li'l monkeys and I guarantee you will see an immediate change in behavior.

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