Friday, March 24, 2017

When Russians Talk of Democracy, Americans Laugh

Here's an article to set the stage for compound comedy on the stage of world democracy as Russians speak of it and Americans laugh at them for doing it.  (RT:  Democracy tops list of political systems preferred by Russians)

© Thomas Peter / Reuters

No idea what it may be ... some kind of Russian thing and the Moon.

The latest poll conducted by state-run VTSIOM shows most Russian citizens currently prefer to live in a republic and strongly oppose the very idea of restoring the monarchy.

The research, published on VTSIOM’s website on Thursday, showed the share of Russians who describe the preferred form of state rule as ‘republic’ is now 88 percent.  Only 6 percent answered that they would prefer their country to be a monarchy.

The poll was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the abdication of the last Russian Emperor – Tsar Nicholas II.

- RT

From the first words, Americans are laughing at the idea of democracy in Russia since many of them seem to think it works over here.  Tell you what, li'l statists, how about we try to sell those Bolsheviks on the Electoral College, huh?

Oy there, all you Bolshies, take that vote of all your people and then we will turn it over to the Bolshie Electoral College where they can change it.  Would that be alright?

Well, ain't that shocking.  They don't want to hear about it.

Overall, it looks like the Bolsheviks do it better.

Stalin walked all over Russia but the system was strong enough to finally wipe him out while retaining its fundamental principles.

Say Trump goes as Stalin crazy as some predict, do you believe the American system is strong enough to stop him without combat.  There was some shooting when Gorbachev put the final end to the Stalin era but not a whole lot.

Ed:  I hate hypothetical questions because some asshole pundit just asks them to answer them himself.

This one has to be hypothetical since it's never happened although there's valid argument the Intel component is the fifth column which is resulting in it in America.

The Bolshies elect better quality leaders these days.  No matter what your perception of him personally, he's highly-intelligent with excellent composure and a sound sense of reason.  Conversely, America hasn't elected anyone but turds since FDR.  They have no overt predilection for coprophilia so the basis for it is mystifying but it keeps on happening and they keep getting worse whereas the Bolshies elected Putin who may be the best they ever had.

Ed:  he was engaged with STASI!

Yah, yah, spare me the asleep at the wheel angle since we have been observing for years.  Trump had old women evicted from their homes.  Playing these types of angles is a punk game for MSM.

When I hear Bolsheviks don't want to go back, it pleases me.  There's no inspiration in that to tear their democracy down but rather to fix problems here (e.g. Electoral College).

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