Friday, March 24, 2017

The Problem is a False Image of Reality - Pope Francis

Here is Pope Francis after he saw a false image of reality (I guess).

Here at the Rockhouse, we're guessing that's the Are You Fucking Serious look.

RT: ‘False image of reality’: Pope Francis castigates social media & reality TV

Ed:  are you really going to flog Facebook again?

Nah, we already know they have a false image of reality.  This one is entirely different.

Fadda, tell me about Intelligent Design, if you would, since I have a question about why the good Lord thought it best to put the food pipe and the wind pipe into the same fucking pipe.  Tell me that, if you could, Fadda.

See, the circumstance here is I drank a little Pepsi but, being a raging stoner dumb ass, some of that went the wrong way and I was coughing up a monster storm from it.  I could not catch my damn breath ... sounded horrible.

Yevette couldn't miss hearing it and she came back all worried.

One more time, she has cancer and will start treatment on Monday but she comes back worrying about me.

This stretches reality to Timbuktu and ties it to the damn fence.

Fadda, do you have any idea how shitty I feel behind that.  So, uh, let's talk about that Intelligent Design some more.

Frank:  do you want to confess, my son?

Well, I sure as hell have at least one item in disturbing her chill, don't I, Fadda.

Frank:  it's not me with Intelligent Design.  Maybe it was the Dalai Lama?

Nah, he's got an intelligent design but it's a different kind.  I think it was some asshole in Arizona somewhere.

Frank:  see, there's another one and you could confess the sin of profanity

Fadda, if I confess all my sins of profanity, you will be here until they need another Pope.  Allah is merciful so hopefully that will be a long time ... although infinitely boring in terms of repetition of a great many words and I'm sure you know the all-time favorites already.

Frank:  what will you do when you find whomever is responsible for the idea of Intelligent Design?

Easy.  Waterboard 'em.  How do you like the folly of this windpipe design now that you have to breathe Niagara Falls, holy man?

Frank:  we may need to talk a little more.

Maybe so, Fadda.

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