Sunday, March 12, 2017

Washington Survives But We Don't

The aspect of survival from a war is something which has been dancing around me lately with the idea people really haven't accepted what it means when Washington talks of various nuclear survival bunkers it has constructed.  There's one under the Greenbrier in, I think, West Virginia and that was for nuclear survival of America's best people.

Maybe it amuses you that it's possible to stay in that nuclear bunker overnight at the Greenbrier now. They have turned it into a tourist facility and you, too, can sleep where people had planned to go after seven billion others died.  This was the place.

Unknown which bunkers they use now or even where they are and we can leave that kind of thing for Alex Jones since our interest is that which is documented and real.

Presumably you're aware of these nuclear bunkers and probably have been for quite some time.

The bothersome part is that awareness does not seem to extend to the consequence of those bunkers since that's when all of us become the undead and it's climbing all over me wondering why people tolerate that.  They laugh and giggle about the zombie uprising but have no apparent awareness the zombies will be us and the good guys in the stories will be shooting flamethrowers at us to stop the monster onslaught.

Sorry.  I got a little Brad Pitt there with the Worst Movie of All Time which is, of course, "World War Z."

Ed:  you mean we will be the Morlocks?

Oh, I hope so!  We will finally get to eat the rich.

Ref:  "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells

Ed:  when you don't take things seriously, why should I?

I take things eminently seriously but I do confess I don't worry much about Morlocks.

We don't need to get past high school algebra when 'x' is the number of survivors of a nuclear war and 'y' is the total population of the planet.  How will you solve for 'z' and is it satisfactory if the result may be less than, say, five thousand people worldwide (i.e. hiding in their nuclear bunkers).  If a result of less than five thousand is satisfactory, does 'z' still represent humans or some obscenity we have become from acceptance we could let seven billion die.

I guess the reaction goes ...

- Fuck it.  There probably won't be a nuke war so no worries.

- If there is a nuke war then it will be fast and no worries.

- What nukes?

It's mystifying to me why people put up with it.  The point isn't what happens after a nuke war or if one ever happens but rather it's the fact the leaders prepare a literal contingency for our elimination.  There hasn't been a really substantive disarmament rally since the Sixties and I'm sure I've missed some but that was the heyday of such protest.  Nothing is a real protest until cops show up with clubs and they did.

There is no talk of disarmament anywhere and, in fact, all of the international posturing goes the other direction.  America is showing quite possibly the lowest standard of leadership the world has ever seen and the question is whether the world will survive it.  Sure as hell, we won't.  Once the nukes light, the leaders are the only ones who live and they're the same ones who start the fire.

Why you have not burned them in their houses is an absolute mystery.  Why would anyone tolerate such a thing.

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