Sunday, March 12, 2017

Then Came the Final Rating for "Elysium"

After getting to the end of "Elysium," the overall image of the story came up as obvious like a Texas cowboy marrying his horse and it was closer to Marvel comics than Asimov.

The contrasts were so blazingly abhorrent since Earth was filthy; terrestrial life was vile and filled the old philosopher's words of life being 'nasty, brutish, and short.'  Conversely, life on Elysium was immaculate and it was led by some weak altruists along with Jodie Foster as the Fascist Queen who dominated.  It was great to see her being so evil but you would never know there's more than one dimension to her from this movie.

Every kind of contrast in the story was obvious with oh, gee, what a beautiful image of the harsh, overbearing state.  Kee-rist.

Matt Damon is essentially the sci fi sword fighter we have seen in just about every fair-to-middlin' sci fi movie and he did well with it but ended, oh, so tragically and valiantly.  Lord, Lord.

But the baby lived and so did the Obligatory Fox.  The Citizens of Earth were free.

Grandstanding the effects is getting so tedious I don't want to see it at all unless there's some surprisingly cool application for it (i.e. other than more grinding out yet more combat).  Many times these grand scope sci fi movies come down to a fistfight and that's when I throw my hands in the air.  Who writes this crap!

The "Europa Report" movie had no breathtaking stunts nor gratuitous grandstanding and that one came off convincingly with what happens if we send a team of astronauts to Europa.  That one I could see watching again for the vicarious buzz of going out there with them and finding the First Life.  The rating for that one remains high but "Elysium" will go out with the morning tide, never to be seen again.

"Elysium" should have had Brad Pitt for the stud.  Get Julia Roberts to play the Queen Fascist because it would be funny to watch her acting vicious.  How about Robert Davi for the conspiratorial assistant in Elysium.  He's always good at looking evil.  I bet it's a riot hanging out with him but he can be one scary-looking man.

Yep, that's the ticket.  Get a new cast and try it again.

Ed:  with more cowbell?

Way more cowbell

Dan Rather observed today, "We are a deeply divided country."

Wow.  How much do they pay him to figure that out.  They should get him on the script for "Elysium 2" for sure.

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