Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Vehicle" Live at the House of Blues in 2014 | Ides of March

"Vehicle" was my favorite from the trumpet-playin' rock bands and Ides of March kills it but there's an unusual story behind it.

I was coming in from the East out of the mountains into San Diego and this was a long time ago, long enough that I was looking forward to when I would get close enough for FM radio reception to start working again.

Ed:  even before iPhones?

Even before computers, mate.

There I was tooling along the highway and I had driven so many thousands of miles so coming to the coast and hearing some cool jams on the last stretch was much anticipated.  When I found a station, it was playing "Vehicle" and there was much rejoicing.

However, "Vehicle" played for the next song as well.  I knew California was unusual since I had lived there about five years before but I hadn't heard of this the last time.

The song kept playing, over and over and over, and I kept listening because I started getting curious to what could possibly have happened.

There were no programmed playlists back then.  You either spin the disks or they don't go.  Yet that song kept playing.

I don't have a good punchline other than ... California.  The song kept playing all the way to the coast but I never discovered why.  The year must have been 1970 so that means California is over forty years stranger now.

I like the song anyway but the memory of that kicks off every time and again I wonder ... wtf?

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