Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Proof the Space Aliens Are Coming

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are an unexplained phenomenon in the skies and the radically different behavior of such phenomena has led scientists to speculate they are being caused by alien spacecraft as they move throughout the Universe.  (RT: ‘Fast radio bursts’ from space may be powering alien ships – Harvard study (POLL))

An artist's illustration of a light-sail powered by a radio beam (red) generated on the surface of a planet.  The leakage from such beams as they sweep across the sky would appear as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), similar to the new population of sources that was discovered recently at cosmological distances.

Credit: M. Weiss/CfA

Researchers at Harvard University have theorized that a baffling, unexplained phenomenon called ‘fast radio bursts’ may be used to power gigantic alien interstellar spaceships twice the size of earth.
Fast radio bursts are millisecond-long flashes of radio waves, recorded using enormous radio telescopes.  Since their discovery in 2007, fewer than 20 have been detected.  The bursts last only the briefest of moments, but they can generate as much energy as 500 million suns.

- RT

There you see their theory and the reasons for it so you know immediately this is more than Alex Jones insofar as it did actually happen and the basis for the theory matches observed phenomena.

Here's further confirmation from Science Daily regarding the source for the phenomena being alien technology.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has looked for many different signs of alien life, from radio broadcasts to laser flashes, without success.  However, newly published research suggests that mysterious phenomena called fast radio bursts could be evidence of advanced alien technology.  Specifically, these bursts might be leakage from planet-sized transmitters powering interstellar probes in distant galaxies.

- Science Daily: Could fast radio bursts be powering alien probes?

Perhaps your skepticism wants to dismiss this as idle stoner science since we're sure scientists like the ganja too but they continued their speculation with research.

Loeb and his co-author Manasvi Lingam (Harvard University) examined the feasibility of creating a radio transmitter strong enough for it to be detectable across such immense distances.  They found that, if the transmitter were solar powered, the sunlight falling on an area of a planet twice the size of the Earth would be enough to generate the needed energy.  Such a vast construction project is well beyond our technology, but within the realm of possibility according to the laws of physics.

- SD

They have not only identified spacecraft as the source of the phenomena but also have identified the propulsion mechanism and whether it would work.  Thus, I'm sure you will see the validity of the exhaustive research they have done and you will reach the same inescapable conclusion.

The evidence is growing at least one alien civilization is already on the move.

They then asked, why build such an instrument in the first place? They argue that the most plausible use of such power is driving interstellar light sails. The amount of power involved would be sufficient to push a payload of a million tons, or about 20 times the largest cruise ships on Earth.

"That's big enough to carry living passengers across interstellar or even intergalactic distances," added Lingam.

- SD

A scientist won't call anything 'the most plausible answer' until every other possibility has been eliminated and that specification is the highest affirmation a scientist can give.

Ed:  they're coming?

Well, more accurately, they have been coming for quite some time.

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