Monday, March 13, 2017

This Comes from Popping Out Too Many When You Can't Afford Them

The story, while horrifying, would have been ignored since the modern world is replete with more horrors than a wax museum.  However, some heartless bastard said this incident happened because those people pop out too many babies and can't afford them and that made me furious.

I had no plan to write on this since it's one more horror in the world and America creates them relentlessly but there was a comment from some animal, Green Tooth or some such, who said this problem comes from popping out babies when you can't afford them and that kind of savagery had to have come from an American.  The article won't be here since I don't write for animals like that but fortunately there are real people elsewhere.

- commented on RT after Deadly trash: 50 people killed in garbage landslide at Ethiopia’s biggest dump

© Zacharias Abubeker / AFP

Whether this death was any more horrifying than any other really doesn't matter since the point is it never should have happened in the first place.

Africa has been getting raped by the West for centuries and there's no need to flog it when you know it already.  The West wails and gnashes its teeth over the horror of 'blood diamonds' but did you ever hear of them being destroyed or somehow otherwise taken out of circulation as they do, for example, with ivory.

Right.  Me either.

The righteousness from Green Tooth or whatever that animal's name is staggering in the face of the deaths of so many people who only wanted to eat, to survive.  None of them asked for one goddamn thing except humanity ... and they did not get it.

America could feed the entire world with what it spends on the military in a year so the attitude is specifically fuck 'em; who needs 'em.  The ability of Americans to marginalize vast swaths of people is one of the ugliest characteristics of its people and it's one hell of a damn shame the people who push such thinking get to center stage with it.

Meanwhile, Poroshenko prepares to retire to a villa in Spain and America is in the thick of that too after supporting his crooked ass all this time.  (Pravda: Petro Poroshenko reportedly readies to flee Ukraine)

Ukrainian media reported that President Poroshenko owns a Mediterranean-style two-storeyed 1,254-square-meter villa in Atalaya-Isdabe on the Mediterranean coast. The villa, of course, is not listed as Poroshenko's property.

- Pravda

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