Monday, March 13, 2017

Aiming for 1:00 PM Cowboy Time, Mystery Lady - Updated

Hopefully a call will work out at around 1:00 PM Cowboy Time which is 2:00 PM Buckeye Time.  I don't mean to sound anxious as I'm looking forward to it and Yevette does as well.

I'm going to try getting horizontal for a couple of hours since it's before 11:00 AM here now.

I've just put the Patreon site online but I'm still not entirely clear what I've got.  Hopefully some sponsorship will come out of that resulting in general goodness all 'round.  There's still more to do with that but the link is on the sidebar so you can see it if you like.

Patreon asks what you do and it didn't even occur to me to add, oh, yeah, I make CDs too.  It needs a wee bit (i.e. a lot) of work yet.

You know the immediate subject and I can tell you right here Yevette is being highly ballsy about things.  She's not getting all nutso with the situation but she didn't fold either.  I imagine there will be much laughing in conversation with her.  Don't be worried about a depressive nightmare since it's not that way.

Patreon does play into helping with support and I was at first averse to open it but everything is everything with all things folding into every other here.  So the link is live but Silas is gassed and therefore a period of flatness.

With any luck at all, we can talk in a couple of hours.  Yahoo!

Updated:  sleeping didn't work too well so I'm on station and listening intently.

Updated again:  I'm sorry it did not work out today but there shouldn't be anything in the way tomorrow or really through the end of the week.  Things start next week and will get a bit complicated.

I'm going to try to reach Tinkerbell later since she knows this situation more than she ever wanted and I keep emphasizing with Yevette ... she's alive.  She went through all that horrible shit but she lives and she remains bad ass.

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