Monday, March 13, 2017

Fertility Therapy Could Have Croaked You, Mystery Lady - Science

Mystery Lady and I thought it would be an exceptional idea to make some children.  We really didn't think that but it seemed we were supposed to and mostly we went along with it.  No babies materialized despite taking all the steps so the doctors said, you know what, you need fertility doctors.

I said fuck that and got a vasectomy just in case.  Of course there was discussion with ML but that wasn't even close to an argument.  I don't think either of us really wanted to do it in the first place.

As we see in the current research, going through with that fertility program could have been damaging or deadly to her heart ... or mine ... I don't know who takes the medication but I assume it's the woman.  (Science Daily: Failed fertility therapy associated with increased risk of later cardiac disease)

Women who undergo fertility therapy but do not get pregnant have a higher risk of developing long-term cardiovascular disease, report researchers.

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Note the 'but' since apparently you must undergo the therapy which subsequently failed to reveal the vulnerability.

"We found that two-thirds of women never became pregnant after being managed for fertility treatment and these women also had worse long-term cardiovascular risk, specifically higher risks of stroke and heart failure, compared with the remaining third of women who did become pregnant and delivered a baby," says Dr. Jacob Udell, lead author of the study, scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) and cardiologist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Women's College Hospital.

- SD

Fuckin' hell.  I've no shortage of bad decisions in my history but blowing off the fertility program looks like it was actually a good one.

Fertility therapy failure was associated with a 19% increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events, in particular, heart failure. However, the researchers stress the absolute risk was modest at about 10 events per 1000 women after 10 years for those where fertility therapy failed versus 6 events per 1000 women for those who became pregnant and delivered a child after fertility therapy.

- SD

I don't really care if the risk is modest, mate, when we're talking about my wife.  The risk is not acceptable.

"We don't want to alarm women who undergo fertility therapy; we are instead suggesting that as women age, they should stay mindful of their health and remind their physician about any fertility therapy years earlier," states Dr. Donald Redelmeier, co-author of the study and senior scientist at ICES. "It can be an opportunity for their doctor to review other risk factors for heart disease and discuss ways to protect against future cardiac problems."

- SD

That disclaimer to close is senseless since any woman considering or in the process of such therapy will freak at the first word and quite rightly.

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