Friday, March 17, 2017

The Are No Republicans Who Will Claim Donald Trump's Amateurism Before Much Longer

Rape of the public land of America.  Go forth and let the oil spill.

RT:  Trump administration to overturn fracking controls on public land

Continues the outrage of support for Netanyahu who needs money because he said he will rebuild the settlements which the Israeli Supreme Court ordered destroyed.  How about that for fiscal conservatism ... but it's more like idiotic, willful, and malicious.

RT:  Trump’s budget cuts State Dept, keeps foreign aid to Israel, silent on other countries

Trump went after the easy shots all the way down the line while simultaneously boosting the half trillion dollar military budget even higher.

What brings more joy joy feelings to the big man than beating up PBS.  There, you made Big Bird cry, you asshole.

RT:  Trump’s budget proposal has critics crying bloody murder

Most moronic of all has been the ongoing anti-Russia sentiment but at least Ron Paul recognizes it.

America got an omnipresent case of brain fever and, just as with Huck Finn, their brain butter has been melting down their clothes for some while.

RT:  ‘Not a very smart thing to say’: Ron Paul hits McCain & US envoy to UN over anti-Russian comments

Apart from his evil budget, we have yet more sophomoric editorials from that lot of artless dodgers.

RT:  Trump says N. Korea ‘behaving badly,’ China not helping

Define 'behaving badly' for someone who has just vandalized the American budget.

Define 'behaving badly' for a simple-minded fool who makes charges of wiretapping and is quickly humiliated by the lie.  In an incidence of unparalleled genius, he made the same charge against Britain and impressed them no end.

Meanwhile, Tillerson feels stupidly macho as well and threatens Worst Korea with a nuke strike.  That's 'an option' but he didn't mention an adult option of a multilateral engagement with China and Russia to slap that fat fuck down and ensure regional stability.

Trump continues showing supreme spinelessness regarding brinkmanship in the Black Sea and continues supporting this pointless provocation.

Wars start this way.

RT:  4 NATO warships arrive in Black Sea Port of Odessa, Ukraine, to stay until April 20

It doesn't appear that much of anything Donald Trump has said was any more than gold-plated bullshit.

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