Saturday, March 11, 2017

SNAFU is an Acronym But ABC is Not

SNAFU is an abbreviation for Situation Normal All Fucked Up and it sounds out like 'sna-foo.'  That makes it an acronym but ABC doesn't sound like anything so it's not an acronym and is no more than some jumbled letters.

Webster:  so what?

In America, getting the ABC of anything is it, man.  You can get the ABCs of everything from finding Waldo to neurosurgery.  Best of all, getting the ABCs implies the D-Zs will come as well.  CNN shows us the D-Zs don't even start but the ABCs give a good impression and people believe them anyway.

Webster:  that's why Megyn Kelly is worth almost twenty million dollars!

Well, that's why she possesses so much but cost and value don't have much bearing on each other in America, particularly with her.  I wouldn't mind betting I could find a thousand women more talented than she and that's before even leaving Fort Worth.

Webster:  she's beautiful!

She's a housewife trying to look like a teenager.  If you get any more middle-aged, you will be hanging out with Ted Nugent and geezers like that.

SNAFU is the normal situation at the Rockhouse and the state of being fucked-up is a binary concept insofar as you are or you aren't so being more fucked-up now than previously doesn't really make any sense but ... dayum ... things are really fucked-up.

There's no point in being cagey about the basis since it's only cancer which gets the willies up in people like this.

I've said specifically I don't believe anyone is going down and staying down behind this.  That's been stated out loud here and it's also emphasized on Ithaka because my reading plus my talk with professionals advises me of that.  Above everything, the vibe must be positive but it mustn't be based on bullshit and this isn't.

Meanwhile, I've been working up a Patreon site but that was prior to any late-breaking news.  Patreon now hits the ground with a thud since the premise was maybe you would like to support Ithaka because it does swell Ithaka things but this adds a twist which I didn't want mixed into it.

Support is needed and there's another involved with this who has been aces about it.  I wobble too much to be reliable for some situations so it winds up we have a tag team for internal support.  Both of us are about dead broke but we make one hell of a fire team for the star.

As it stands now, the attitude is go ahead and bring on these weeks of hell since we will kick ass and we will win.

Ed:  what happens to Patreon?

Unknown as I'm choked on it.  I'll likely need some kind of external kick one way or the other since it seems bringing that active now will do nothing but smell.

Emphasis:  based on my reading and I don't believe miracle cures, the situation can be won and we will.

Tinkerbell lives years after she got cancer-blasted in every horrible way there's known.  I'm not even sure how many years it's been but many and far over ten.

Note:  that was breast cancer and it was full-out radical.  She lives and lives well to this day.

We have known one of the regulars would get bushwhacked sooner or later and one just did.  Everything changed at unbelievable speed and now we're in the thick of it.  There's no request to anyone for anything and definitely not for any kind of change.  The next six weeks or so will be a motherfucker beyond human description but everyone looks dialed for it.  There's very much a vibe of we will kick its ass.

Mescalito:  what about the ganja?

We know the ganja has therapeutic benefit for people undergoing chemo.  That's not even research anymore when scientists have already verified the fact.  Therefore, my approach will be to provide the ganja if it's requested but otherwise keep my yap shut.

There's a huge advantage to modern ganja since it's tremendously powerful so there's an excellent chance a single tok would give good relief.  I squonked that so badly with one of our number since he had been one great li'l stoner back in the freak days but had not smoked anything since.  I sparked up some of the new style and blew his kit to space.  That's not too cool since that brings creepies, paranoids, and all manner of nasties; it's just too much ganja.

I won't make the same mistake again but I do regret that one.  The ganja is better than it ever was for the cool vibe ... you just don't smoke that whole bud all at once.

You may see things posted to Ithaka and think, hmmm, he tries to cheer himself up but that's not why I do anything and such a thing couldn't work anyway.  If I post something sweet, it's just because I like it and not at all to offset anything else.

a)  most predictable desktop picture ever made
b)  the last night on Earth before the final survivors died
c)  the night Barbie and Ken had sex on the pier after those people from Iowa left
d)  the night of the grunion run
e)  all of the above
f)  none of the above

Ed:  wtf?

It's all Impressionism, man.  What do you make of it and how can you possibly.

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