Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Rolling in the Deep" | Aida Nikolaychuk

English isn't even her primary language.  She is one dangerous female (i.e. finest kind).

Here's one for Mystery Lady.

The gameshow music contests on the telly get slagged for autotuning and unknown how much that really happens or how much I even care.

Her voice sounds angelic to me and she looks more womanly to me than most of the skinny white girl singers but I'm not sure why.  All of them get charged with autotuning in singing with angelic voices and unknown about that but being in that class of singers must carry a lot of tension for the players since you can't make the teeny tiniest mistake or you're rubbish.

They're heading for 'droid music at Warp 9 but it's evolution in action.

Meanwhile, she does sound angelic, doesn't she, and those eyes go for a million miles or so.

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