Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Religious Students End Up in the Tank on Science / Maths - Science

Researchers from Leeds University ran the study and the review was by country with some ranking high in religiosity and others ranking low.  Their interest was in differences in academic performance between the two.  (RT:  Religious students perform worse in math & science – study)

Students who opt to enhance their spiritual life may be hindering their academic knowledge, according to a new study which found a negative link between religion and performance in science and mathematics.

The study, jointly conducted by researchers at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Missouri, ranked 82 countries by their ‘religiosity score’ on a scale of zero to 10.

Levels of religiosity were determined using questionnaires carried out in the World Values Survey and the European Social Survey among the adult population.

The most religious countries were found to be Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia and Qatar. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic, Japan, Estonia, Sweden and Norway are the most secular.

- RT from ScienceDirect:  Students in countries with higher levels of religiosity perform lower in science and mathematics

The findings suggest that engaging in religion may lead to a displacement of non-religious activities. In particular, it found that the more time students spend on religious activities, the worse they do in math and science.

“The findings support the idea of a ‘displacement hypothesis’ that when children spent more of their time on religion, they will spend less time on other things," Gijsbert Stoet, a professor of psychology at Leeds Beckett, said.

- RT

The comments on RT have an unsurprising contribution from those who say the study is rubbish and part of a government conspiracy to wipe out religion.  From that we conclude there is no math test required to enter comments on RT.

Y'all regulars are much more clever than that and logically it must be true that a kid has 'x' number of brain cycles for learning things and apportioning them is necessarily budgeting them since it's generally preferable if they're no longer counting on their fingers when they get out of high school.

There's no shift to the Rockhouse view since we don't want religion taught in the school anyway since it's not the school's job.  Dagwood and Blondie need to get that done on their own time.

This aspect of overmuch religious education being destructive isn't a surprise since you don't usually see ISIS turning up to collect any Nobel Prizes but you won't see that pervo mutant from FLDS in attendance either.

The RT article goes on to generic oh me, oh my about religion and school but this science does not reveal as a general indictment so much as a slash of fundamentalists.  I suspect there's little disagreement fundamentalists of every faith are to be avoided due to their crazy ways.

The strongest argument in favor of some measure of religion in a school in America comes from Catholic schools.  Here's the Rockhouse curve on that since those schools are selecting for the best students and those ones are most able to withstand damage from any time lost to that purpose.  Dumbass Catholics won't make the cut for those schools.  There's no one-size-fits-all Catholic since there are smart ones, dumb ones, conservative ones, and raving liberal ones.

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Anonymous said...

I dare say if you look at Jewish based schools they will blow this study out of the water.
Do they take into account most religious based schools are pushing a different curriculum therefore skew results. Just as are private schools better because they have a better program or because they start with more intelligent students.
Your use of Catholics schools are anot example of if the parents are paying college tuition prices for elementary and high schools they are certainly very involved with the day to day progress
So next study will only for only Catholic and Jewish based schools
If I send my child to a religious based schools of course it should be part of ther curriculum. As parents of private schools are far more connected than public school parents. Just go to any PTO meetings and see the lack of attendance in a public school