Saturday, March 25, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake, Said the Coptic to the Queen

The Coptics came about the first time Christians decided they can't stand each other and their guidance has been pivotal in helping other Christians with the things they can't stand.  It was with this sentiment they advised eating cakes does cure queers.

Ed:  it only works if the cake has been anointed by saved hookers (i.e. keep the best ones)

Good point.  Let's discover what they use for that anointing and whether the FDA has banned it yet.

A pastor in the US has claimed a gay man was “cured” of his sexuality by eating a special cake cooked by “saved” ex-prostitutes and “anointed with prayer.”

Lance Wallnau, a Christian speaker who takes credit for US President Donald Trump’s election victory, was Periscoping last week when a viewer asked him to pray for her gay son.

- RT:  Pastor claims cake cooked by ex-hookers ‘cured’ gay man (VIDEO)

Ed:  he doesn't tell us if he got Trump elected with cakes anointed by hookers

Another good point and it looks like Trump has eaten a shitload of cakes, probably all the cakes Clinton didn't eat.  Who can forget the favorite refrain from both of them on the campaign trail, "Say, are you going to eat all of that?"

Ed:  we still didn't get what was used for the anointing

I'm looking ... I'm looking ...

Well, here's something:

“They baked a cake for the owner of the bar, who was gay, and very adamantly anti-Christian,” he said. “They basically prayed over the cake – it was an anointed cake.”

“The power of God hit him when he was eating the cake,” Wallnau claimed. When the man went back to the guy who had given him the cake, he told him he had had a “weird experience” when eating the cake.

- RT

Ed:  he sounds like he was drunk as a monkey!

Or too dumb to know what anointing means.

Those kinds of sniveling slutdogs just troll YouTube for click charges since that's the favorite form of New Age hookin' and it don't need no anointin' to get those green dollars rolling.

Ed:  so why promote it?

He's only the case study from a representative lot of self-absorbed parasites who pose as preachers to turn tricks on YouTube.

But advertisers are fed-up with the way YouTube has become one of the most mercenary venues under Google's tutelage and now there's backlash against some of the complete shit as shown above from skanks like Wallnau.  (RT:  PepsiCo, Walmart, Starbucks join Google boycott after ads appear next to ‘appalling’ videos)

Lance Wallnau represents one class of appalling and there are many others from which to choose.  Apparently companies feel their products are disgraced by appearing in association with such rubbish and who will blame them for that.

All of that is probably a large part of the shift by many to Patreon instead of Google for generating any revenue from YouTube and Cadillac Man and I were talking about that last night.

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