Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prototype Answer for Trump's Wickedly Whacky Wall is Under Development, Way Under

The prototype is way under development since, to no-one's surprise at all, it's another tunnel but this one was 120-feet long.  Mexicans build tunnels the way Elon Musk builds HyperLoops (i.e. fast, fast, fast) and the future Border Patrol will be wandering about aimlessly in Hawaiian shirts while they use vacation metal detectors to search for anything underground.  The Border Patrol guards are happy because sometimes they find lost jewelry that way.  (UPI:  120-foot-long escape tunnel found under Mexican prison)

Mexican authorities are searching for several prison inmates who escaped from a Ciudad Victoria facility this week through a 120-foot-long tunnel that was dug underneath the complex. 

File Photo by Frontpage/Shutterstock

Unlike the Trump Fantasyland in which everything will get great, so incredibly great, in the future, the tunnel protype has been tested and several inmates have escaped with it.

Coming up behind this is the Parlor Game of the New Age, Troops versus the Tunnel Rats, and place your advance bets now on who will win.

Ed:  Trump just started another guerrilla war and he's lost before he starts

Yep, we all know that but America takes years to recognize it every time it happens.  Most likely it will be necessary to build the wall to finally get it that it won't work.  It will probably be like the Yucca Mountain storage facility in Nevada and the nuclear accelerator / collider in Texas; Congress will spend billions and then abandon it.

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