Monday, March 13, 2017

Debra LeFave and the Latest Rockhouse Hare-Brained Theory

The Hot for Teacher phenomenon is an unusual one and I didn't notice such headlines when I was a kid but others told me later such things were happening.  Debra LeFave seems like one of the early ones in the modern wave of female teachers hitting on teenage boys and she's an extremely-attractive young lady which brings all kinds of, wtf, why did she do it.

WTF, girl?

Many hated this girl since she never even went to jail for it.  That aspect is not important in this context since the interest is wtf??  She's a beautiful adult and she bangs a fifteen-year-old which makes no sense whatsoever.

Then the Hare-Brained Theory came.  She did this deliberately since she wanted to torch her boring life.  She never got lost in love or any other cheesy People magazine crap like that.

LeFave had been the good girl all her life and longed to be a teacher.  She achieved that and maybe found this job isn't as interesting as she had thought.  She also married her sweetheart and they had been together a couple of years, long enough for him to turn into a glorified sofa who constantly bitches about the One World Government.

The Theory maintains she was bored out of her blondie mind and she deliberately torched the whole package.  She did it this way to guarantee change since there was no possible way she could go back once she did it.

Ed:  why not just dump the old man and go to California to find the hippies?

There are lots of things she could have done but she didn't and that left the wtf aspect.

Ed:  so she just used that kid?

Unknown if she saw it that way but that's how it came down.  I doubt it will do him any lasting harm but it never should have happened in the first place.

I'm not interested in whether she should go to jail since Americans are so fascinated by punishing people and things but not so much with fixing them.  Why would such a thought ever come to her or any other teacher in the first place.  I don't believe it was as common when I was a kid although I may be mistaken on that.

I'm not going to start a series on Hot for Teacher since that's just trolling for clicks.  I'm curious about serial killers as well but I doubt a series will appear on them either.

Ed:  you rate the Hot Teachers with serial killers?

In terms of abnormal psychology, yes.  It's not to the same degree but the behavior isn't wired right so that brings the curiosity as to why not.

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