Saturday, March 18, 2017

Film of All the Lost Nuclear Explosions is Being Restored

Here is what Harry Truman unleashed on the world when he authorized the start of post-war, above-ground nuclear testing.  The Soviet Union had no choice but to respond and thus began the end of the world which is not at all a matter of hyperbole when Truman created a problem the world can't solve in elimination of this evil from the planet.

Moreover, Obama and Trump have actively sought to improve nuclear weapons technology and thereby bring further damnation on the legacy of America.  There's absolutely no question America started this and it's damn sure on America to bring it back under control rather than perennially behaving no better than addlepated children with no more thought to existence than what else they can destroy.

As we have seen from the American military since and including the Korean War, there has never been a win but there's been unimaginable destruction, all to the tune of half a trillion dollars a year they say they spend to keep us safe.

What the fuck keeps us safe from the Pentagon.

Answer:  absolutely nothing

The biggest threat to our ongoing existence is and remains the United States Pentagon.  They aren't ensuring peace but rather ensuring it never comes.  They are the self-avowed enemies of all people of the Earth through their actions and often through their words.

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