Saturday, March 18, 2017

Donald Trump Continues the United States Bankruptcy Tour Begging Angela Merkel for Money

Not satisfied he has sufficiently disgraced America, Donald Trump is now groveling for money in NATO and, apparently, got it from Angela Merkel who has shown she has a good side in her attempts to show compassion to refugees but, in dealing with Trump, shows she has another side which isn't worth one good goddamn.  (RT: Trump applauds Merkel’s ‘commitment’ to boost NATO spending)

In a classic effort to create-the-need-and-then-fill-it aggression, Trump has been pushing NATO matters as yet another aspect of his drive to go back fifty+ years in time.

There's no future with Donald Trump; it's not even under consideration and he has savaged the science budgets required to pay for the research to get there.  Instead, he goes off grifting trying to shake out the last dollars of a NATO system which has been obsolete for at least thirty years except in terms of amateurish efforts to manipulate the global economic system.

Apple Computers did the same thing on desktop computers and slashed any research for desktop computers.  The result is the flagship desktop, the Mac Pro, hasn't changed in about three years.  Welcome to the future ... but there's only iPhones in it.  (MacWorld:  Apple’s desktop Mac lineup: A showcase of old technology)


NATO has done nothing whatever to stop the decades-long abuse of Palestinians by Israel and has done nothing about the usurpation by Israel of almost all of the Palestinian land.

NATO has done nothing about the Middle East problem except to exacerbate it.

NATO even admitted Turkey, perpetrators of the genocide against Armenians, which, to this day, they deny.

NATO even keeps that breakdown military of Britain engaged but it's not clear why they bother except to get cheerleaders with English accents.

NATO was ostensibly to ensure peace in Europe and it's failed.  There is no single thing more ubiquitous to Europe under America's domination than then preparation for war.  Proof of that fact is Trump even manipulated Angela Merkel to spend more on that preparation.

We were damned to hell by Obama and Clinton but it does not appear there is any realistic hope of anything different with Donald Trump.  We just switched from one set of lunatics to another which toys with things they cannot possibly control and none of this motivated by anything more noble than simple greed.

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