Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Edward Snowden Can Tell You Who is Lying After Doing it Many Times Previously

Some question the Rockhouse perception of the criminality of everyone with any engagement in American intelligence organizations but that position is strongly affirmed by Edward Snowden.  He has been telling everyone for years and the enthusiasm for jailing him forever should give some indication for the fear Washington holds for his truth.

This isn't even locked to Republicans since Edward Snowden exposed every word Obama said about collecting data on Americans as a lie (e.g. we only collect metadata) and no-one wanted to fuck up Snowden more than Obama for doing that.  Ever since we have seen charges of disloyalty toward Snowden but there has been no charge of any kind toward those who were doing it.

Snowden proved James Clapper and Keith Alexander were lying in Senate testimony and Congress still didn't do anything.  You can see to this day they're regarded as unimpeachable experts while the evidence of their testimony has been opposite to that.

Surely you remember all the spew those three were slinging about metadata and how it was all flaming hogwash.

RT:  ‘Stop breaking the law’: Snowden raises ‘red flag’ over testimony of NSA and FBI chiefs

RT:  Russia hearing: Kremlin says US intelligence committee is ‘confused’

"The hearing participants are apparently confused about the situation. They are trying to find confirmation of their own assumptions somewhere but are failing to do that, to find any proof … and just go around every time,” Peskov told reporters.

He also said that the hearing itself could hardly contribute to the improvement of bilateral relations between the US and Russia. “It is clear that [this hearing] could hardly be regarded as a constructive contribution to the issue of development of bilateral relations,” he said.

- RT

If anything other than NSA were doing to Americans what that evil organization is doing, America would be bombing it as a threat to America and the world.  Moreover, if anything were dispatching NAZI SS execution lists as has been done with the CIA and the White House, America would bomb it with B-17s until its will to resist and propagate further violence was destroyed.

Note:  that charge is relative to whacking people on a kill list with drones.  Sarah Palin screamed about death panels but actually they exist in the CSA / NSA.

You know the history and you know all of this is true yet Snowden remains in Moscow and Washington continues to swear he's a criminal while manufacturing more bullshit about Russian hacking than anyone can possibly stand but they count on the Overwhelming Lie since it has worked previously so many times.

Ed:  you sound like a wild-eyed lunatic!

That would be a convenient cop if I were, wouldn't it.  There's no grand conspiracy beyond RICO violations perpetrated by CSA / NSA / White House / Wall Street.  They're taking over half of the tax gold every year for the military while delivering nothing of any substantive value and will you seriously tell me they're anything but criminals?

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