Monday, March 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders Speech Demands Publicity @YevetteN

The Rockhouse has been pulling away from the political material, mostly because it's irrelevant but also because it's so stupidly insulting.  Donald Trump is one of the worst we ever saw and doing a play-by-play on the fool just makes me ESPN talking about some loser sports team.

Donald Trump is irrelevant since Presidents are no more than the strawmen the CIA uses to take the bullets since none of the CIA spooks have the balls or the willingness to do anything of that nature themselves.  They don't go out in front because that's where the bullets are.  (Ithaka:  Protecting Yourself from the CIA / NSA Zipper Problems)

Bernie Sanders © Brian Snyder / Reuters

Even while Trump is aggressively trivial, he's still destructive and his tax plan is nothing more than rebaked Reaganomics which are just as riddled with voodoo as they were when that old crank rolled that fool's paradise in the Eighties.  It's still the same idiot mantra that bills get paid by paying less toward them.  That doesn't work for you, didn't work for Reagan, and hasn't worked for anyone ... but Trump does more of it.

Meanwhile, the only thing really skyrocketing is the national debt as driven by fifty percent of America's tax gold going to the military and Trump is going to increase that.

Brilliant.  If you liked twenty trillion in debt for America, you'll love the prize when it gets up to thirty trillion and Trump is doing nothing to stop that.

The Republican plan to overhaul the US healthcare system is “far worse” than Obamacare, according to Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, and represents a disgraceful effort to “give massive tax breaks” to the wealthy.

Last week, the Republican Party released new healthcare legislation aimed at dismantling the “skyrocketing costs” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law by Barack Obama in 2010.


The House Republican’s American Healthcare Act (AHCA) strips away mandates on individuals and employers, while certain subsidies and taxes will be binned.

Speaking on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday, former presidential candidate Sanders hit out at changes that he said will give a “$275 billion tax break to the top 2 percent” of earners.

- Russia Today:  Sanders blasts GOP healthcare act’s ‘disgraceful’ tax breaks for the wealthy

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