Tuesday, June 6, 2017

You Took Ithaka to 900,000 and Hat Tip Plus a Bird but Not the Kind You May Think

There's a Yahoo for the day and it doesn't mean anything at all but it's still swell to see and it would be nice if that meant money but this isn't how it works since why should you believe a word I write if I'm paid to write it.

Hat tip and thank you

That is a real Texas hat tip although it's not a Stetson.  I had one at one time my family got a laugh since this can't be real but, wtf, it was funny.  I didn't keep it all that long since it would be better if I can actually ride a horse besides iron ones before I should be wearing a cowboy hat.

There was also confirmation today that My Duck Soup works for the catch if you can't remember the URL for Ithaka.  Keeping that around during the iPhone melodrama proved itself to be the good move.

There's another one kind of news but it wasn't such a deal since I thought it was something bigger but that isn't how it went.  They got back a little while ago and things became highly cool but the one still yet pending is the Big 'un.  I'm up in about two weeks to discover what I busted this time and it's a variation on the same theme so we'll see.

You may find some comedy since I really have been the Voice of Reason because I'm the only one who doesn't go off even when I was definitely frosted earlier.  That may well be the only time it's happened in this joy joy season ... well ... except when I hang up the wheels on this damn carpet when I try to scoot my chair and that will result in a singularly potent epithet every time.

I know I could get a plastic skid pan on which the chair could roll easily but it's thirty or forty bucks plus I would have to cut it to fit so, all in all, I'd rather bitch once in a while.

Although I do have a bird but not the one with the word and it doesn't even need my hand.

It doesn't read poetry; it's not that kind of bird.

The bird ... because the Rockhouse loves you.

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