Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When the Senate Tries to Start a War while the President Tries to Stop One

The Rockhouse is well-aware the only legal authority for declaration of war by the United States is the Senate and that looks good on paper but only the Commander-in-Chief can order the military to war and this President has not shown the eager willingness to do that we have seen in multiple previous administrations.

We have no support of any kind for Trump's domestic agenda since we gave him a chance to fuck up and he did, repeatedly.  In that regard, Trump is nothing more than a destructive vandal but do keep in mind as you slash him for privatizing air traffic control, the last one to propose privatizing it was Bill Clinton.  Do be careful to keep your double standard in order, if you please.

However, the foremost pledge from Trump of any consequence was in the theater of relations with Russia and that was in the direction of normalization which obviates the CIA/FBI/Senate warmongering.

As to the actual fact of the aggressor in the world, review the number of US military bases around the world.  (Time:  Why We Should Close America's Overseas Military Bases)

The U.S. maintains a veritable empire of military bases throughout the world—about 800 of them in more than 70 countries.

- Time

There was all manner of the typical Red-baiting hysteria in the Senate yesterday but the numbers above are truth and show with no lack of clarity that America is, far and away, the most aggressive imperialist in the world.  The sheer absurdity of that was noted by Putin in an interview with Oliver Stone in which he said conflict with America would not be survivable for anyone.  (Ithaka:  "No-One Would Survive It" | Vladimir Putin with Oliver Stone)

Putin's candidness relative to the deliberately demagogical discourse in the Senate gives me no reason to believe the latter and a great deal of reason to believe Putin.

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