Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Those Two from Bethlehem" #Poetry

The Traveler and I started walking again
to see what we may find
We had no destination
and not so much in mind
when we met some fellow travelers
heading the other way
so we stopped to talk a moment
to hear what they might say

The girl wanted to help us
as she came from Bethlehem
but the other said stop that giving
or you will become like them
We thanked them for their thinking
and we continued down the road
since we search for real freedom
and did not want that load

The Traveler said clear your head
and it will tell you what you should
but you know with those two others
they're up to no damn good
That's all fine for their wandering
but they will find it goes nowhere
when they ignore all the teaching
that all the world shall share

You will want to find the love
but you will not find it here
those two don't walk to find
since they do it out of fear
We wish them well but we don't care
there are better things to find
but you will never see them
if you don't keep the love in mind

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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