Sunday, June 4, 2017

Estimation of Megyn Kelly Leaps after Interview with Vladimir Putin

Megyn Kelly's interview with Vladimir Putin pushes her up to the class of real journalists and the Rockhouse was impressed.

Kelly's questions were direct and immediate with the biggest ones which MSM has been grinding like they're trying to make flour.  Most of all, Putin was given a free chance to speak and all answers were direct to the questions without a hint of evasiveness.  There were no loopholes or evidence of gamesmanship; it was simply common sense.

The Rockhouse was impressed by both of them and finally has a reason to pay some attention to news at least some of which apparently will not be the typical hysterical fare.

Unknown if Kelly will reach Christiane Amanpour class but she may well be able to achieve it.  The Rockhouse is immensely surprised but most pleased to see the evolution and equally pleased to recognize it.

Conversely, James Comey will testify before the Senate shortly and the Rockhouse won't even bother listening to him.  There's no point in wasting the time with those who are deliberately trying to foment international difficulties.

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