Thursday, June 8, 2017

"The Merry Go Round" #Poetry

Legions of shallow, virgin queens
raped and sullied by past regimes
bitter monochromal hate machines
they rage into the dark
sending knights out to their cold dark realms
people laugh at their ridiculous helms
made of putty and expired dreams
where nothing is ever what it seems

There's a profit to be made on every fool
so covetous with their sweat and drool
for the brass ring they will never find
from a merry-go-round which never moves
insistent in its myopic groove
simple as a beat from equine hooves
it needs and neighs in pathetic greed
for something it can't have

There is no ring; there is no round
they sing a song which has no sound
and repeat it everlasting
in discordant chorus forecasting
Lysistrata's clever plot
which today amounts to nought
means the world goes round in circles
while the merry never moves

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

Dedicated to Stephen Colbert

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