Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eyewitness Perspective on the Election in the UK

Elections in the sort of that which is favored in the United Kingdom are sometimes colloquially called cheese rolls and people are specifically advised not to participate or even attend.

However, they have been doing it for centuries even after being officially advised by the Gloucestershire County Council that elections are unmanaged (i.e. corrupt and criminal) events.  If you are injured then we take no responsibility and absolutely do not involve children.

Oh, look, here's one now.

Typically Labour supporters roll down the hill, holding the belief whomever gets to the bottom fastest will win but Tories don't even show and instead wait at the bottom of the hill to steal it before the Labour racers ever get there.

Meanwhile, regarding the Comey floor show today, there doesn't appear to be anything they can use for impeachment so, yes, it was just another expensive and time-wasting Senatorial snipe hunt.  Thanks to everyone for playing and (rim shot) no cheese for you.  Neoliberals took and failed another IQ test.

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