Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Martians Did Another Flyby, Vallery B, and Some Lilies

The Martians don't fire any weapons when they fly by; they only shoot one-liners.  Since Martians aren't particularly funny, we'll skip them.

You know you think the Martians are not real and really this has something to do with a phone so that's half correct; it is about a phone for the ML EL.

Getting to modulating is a tactical situation since that's a twofer and Yevette needs to be there but she doesn't wanna for obvious reasons.  There may be a change since she's been a prisoner of air conditioning but that was switched off last night to get the wonderful flow through of live air.  It also means the Rockhouse is not refrigerator cold and you may notice anywhere South they keep the homesteads quite cold in Summer which makes for hell shock when you open the front door and it sucks the life out of you in an instant.

That may encourage Yevette to roll out but there's a Plan B.  If that can't happen then there's another option since it's important to get the bill coming down after I get paid rather than before.  I get paid on the second Wednesday of the month so setting it up for the 14th gets that requirement covered.  That comes in four days so no chance it goes longer than that.  There is zero loss of steam and the situation is just a tactical dance at the moment.

Meanwhile, it's clear that writing less gets read more and that will be clear to you later in What's Hot but the bigger surprise was the interest in the young Jain monk.  I thought there might be some interest or why even post but I was stunned at how much.

Fewer articles has resulted in more Comments and that's not from Google rats since their M.O. is I came; I got; I left.  Fair enough but that doesn't make them too much interesting.

The reaction to poems has been surprising.  Some tank and rightly but many do not with some being received amazing well.  I wrote the following on Facebook earlier:

Poems won't happen every day since there is no process. Something catches my attention and rhymes start happening for some reason beyond my awareness. I'll think, well, maybe you ought to write that on something before it gets away and it will if I don't. So sometimes that happens ... and I have no idea why (larfs).

Vallery B replied back:  I get that!

My reply to her was, "If anyone would."

Vallery B is a painter among other highly-talented things and she paints when it's time to paint or not but it turns out to be a lot with the result being whimsical, sometimes poignant, portraits in a stylized way of her own devising.  There's probably not much chance of predicting which type of media she may use ... plus she plays bass and sings those bluez.

Mystery Lady comes immediately to mind since she may be painting an incredibly realistic raccoon in acrylic (she did) and turn around to start making batiks (she also did).  At first I thought I was failing as being the good doobie supporter until I realized it's the versatility I need to be supporting.  Sure, you dig it ... but it may change at any moment ... roll with it.

I wouldn't mind betting there's a similar vibe with Vallery B since when it's not time to paint she may be with her band making music.  Another resemblance to Mystery Lady is she is fed-up to her last red hair with the political gamesmanship in the world.

Maybe you start thinking all redheads or gingers are like that but go easy, young voyager, since you won't learn that story in the first chapter.

Some of you out there nod sagely (larfs).  You know it's true.

A poem percolates now as this has got to fit into something:

Mellifluous as the colors of the lilies
on a scorching Summer day

but ...

I'm in a cemetery surrounding by dervishes and demons so the segue isn't entirely clear.

That demonic cacophony
roars despair and shrieks of pain


but that inverts in the silver mirror
and here I shall remain

and then it gets mellifluous.

I'm not afraid of the wraiths and demons because ...

I have a reason but I'm not sure what the words may be.

It percolates (larfs).  When I start writing it, I have to do it until it stops.  I loathe edits after the fact since that makes something less authentic to me.  It's a Zen thang, man.


Anonymous said...

Yes,and I've even gotten fed up with the red hair....I never dye it, its white for the most part except for the back at the neckline--and since I wear it up it has the effect of two toned the zebra whippy dip cone--a strawberry and vanilla one!

As you know, I've been getting into colored pencils of late and have been invited to attend a group . Really cool how that happened. I was approached by a woman while looking at art books---she was with another art group and she does weaving and batik using rice paper and watercolors!! I will probably attend that group in the fall--they don't meet in the summer.

The watercolor lady gave me the name of the pencil lady. We spoke over the telephone. I feel she was a "messenger" and had the most incredible things to say to if she knew my heart....

But back to the poems---I dont know how you do it---but it is truly a gift!! And I am happy to read them tho I do not comment Love, ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Love back at you and it's the same in reverse with your media art since I know how you do it ... but I still don't know how you really do it. I don't believe I have ever successfully drawn anything (larfs).

There's no need for a comment unless you feel like it. When I see one get a lot of reads, I'll think, hmm, must have got it right with that one. Everything goes to the Pablo Casals Theory; if I keep practicing, I just might get it.