Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Rubbish, I Won't Have It" #Poetry

Delicious in its verdancy
I turned into the park
there was no good reason for the walk
it's just worthwhile for the lark
when quickly came the darkness
I saw the stones all around
I saw so many signs of movement
with spirits rising from the ground

Their demonic cacophony
roared despair and shrieked of pain
screaming for me to join them
in their endless campaign
to tell all sinners they are demons
and will one day be this way
I told them, "Rubbish, I won't have it;
that was your choice to pay"

"There's a light you never tried to find
and it's shining incandescent 
Some think they may go blind
so grow cold and acquiescent 
but the Sun gives rise to the Crescent Moon
sending moonbeams which will make us swoon
We dip and dive in fond delight
as we revel in that dark good night

Horror inverts in the silver mirror
and no life is without pain
but here we live resplendent
free of fear from their disdain
Mellifluous as the colors of the lilies
on a scorching Summer day
They have no sense of being witty
they bring color come what may

There's some reason for all the colors
There's some logic others may know
but we're happy to be basking
in the glory of that glow
It doesn't matter from where it's coming
and it will choose where it will go
but we appreciate the loving
and we don't need to know

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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